Presentations, presentations and more presentations

05 Dec 2013

The notes from the lesson on 03 December 2013

Apologies for the delay

As I said at the lesson the blog post about this weeks lesson are a little late because I have been invigilating examinations this week and so I have not had any free time to write the blog entry.

Email from me

You should all have received an email from me about this page and if you did not but came to this page anyway – please let me know by using the contact page and let me know so I can add you to the list.

Getting the meaning of two words

In Monday’s class English Conversation (B2 – C1) here in Oelde we discussed the difference of meaning between rubble and wreckage. I wrote a blog entry for it and you might be interested in it. The entry is here check it out and let me know what you think.

h2.Talking to people from other countries in English

We reflected on some of the people whose first language is not English whom we talk with on the telephone. People from China, India, Belgium and Latin America. Different first language speakers present different problems and we will come back to that at a later date but two strategies that members of the group used and might be helpful to use are:


We heard six very interesting presentations from participants about their place of work. One comment that was helpful was that they sounded like reports at a meeting rather than presentations. It lead us to think about what made us think made a presentation different from a report. Here were some points that applied to all presentations:

additional notes

There were some specific and hopefully helpful points that emerged from the presentations: