First lesson 2015

28 Jan 2015

Welcome (back) to Business English Refresher B1

Welcome to all the new participants and welcome back to all the participants on the course Business English Refresher B1 we are starting on Unit 3 rather than Unit 4 as advertised in the VHS Oelde-Ennigerloh programme.


We have new SEPA payment forms so you need to fill them with:

course title code
Business English Refresher B1.3 1-15-441

as well as your personal details and bank details.

Discussions and work

We discussed the topics on pages 26 and 27 – looking at which social media we as a group use and which we prefer. The grammar component of unit 3A was the various ways of saying the future tense in English.

We also heard about Susanne’s Rule for how she uses the future tenses in English.

Homework for 03 February 2015

It was nice to meet you all and look forward to working with you.