Welcome to Business English Refresher B1 2015

28 Jan 2015

Welcome to the Business English Refresher B1 course

Dates and times

We meet on Tuesdays except in local school holidays between 18:00 to 19:30 in Room 2 of the VHS Oelde-Ennigerloh in the central building at Herrenstrasse 7, Oelde.
Please NOTE that the Easter Holidays will be different as I am attending a conference in Manchester at the weekend after Easter and arrive back in Germany on the evening of Tuesday 14 April 2015. But I will flag the alterations nearer the time.

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I normally arrive a little earlier and so if you want to talk to me before the lesson I am usually there from 17:45 depending on the trains.


Our textbook is A New Start Professional Refresher B1 and this semester we are starting on Unit 3 (page 26 onward)

The book comes with a phrasebook (it does not have all the vocabulary in the units) with some extra guidance on writing etc. and a CD to listen to some of the Self-Study parts of the book. I have the CDs for the class parts which you will hear in class.


I set homework but it is always optional but I believe that you benefit from doing extra work outside class. The self-study parts of the book have the answers in the back of the book and when that work is set as homework I recommend that you check your answers yourself.
There are three outcomes from checking your answers:
1. You get it correct – this is good for you to know but it means I don’t need to teach you anything.
2. You get it wrong but you realise your mistake when you see the answer – this is personal learning point for you and you have done the learning already.
3. You get it wrong and you have no idea why it is wrong – that is the sort of thing the class needs to know about.


I look forward to teaching and working with you this semester.