Planning a social media campaign

03 Feb 2015

Lesson on 03 February 2015

It was good to see even more people in class this evening.

We reviewed Susanne’s Rule and practised using it. Looking at alternate ways of saying things.

We focussed on pages 27 and 28 and especially talked about the marketing ideas via social media to different types of people:

social group campaign suggestions
urban communities fast food and technology
perhaps an app on a smart device to order pizza
rural communities cars and transport
especially four-wheel drive and value for money
silver market ebikes
“too old for toys,
too young for boys”
smart phones and music players
families with young children rent-a-granny
one-person households restaurants, bars, fast food, take away food, delivery services
empty nesters holidays abroad
interior design
early adopters tips and leads on cutting edge technology
access to beta testing
ethical consumers fairtrade healthfood and low in energy consumption

We also noticed that there were people who fitted into more than one category for example you could be a one-person household AND an empty-nester too.

Homework for 10 February 2015

As everyone had the book the homework was to read the next part of the module and to read the grammar sections in the back of the book and tackle the exercises there too.