Shrove Tuesday

17 Feb 2015

17 February 2015 is Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday is in the English-speaking world more highly regarded than “Shrove Monday” or “Rosenmontag” is in Germany. It is often called Pancake Day (or in America and Australia Mardi Gras) – though it is rarely a school holiday or a public holiday. The traditional food on Shrove Tuesday is the pancake made with milk, flour, eggs and butter – things that traditionally would not be eaten during Lent

Clothes at work

Here is a picture of me drawn by a student of mine 26 years ago (the student would now be in her early forties!)

Which shows that when talking about fashion and clothing – I have little to say.

We explored some of the language of clothing at work and decided which items of clothing counted as formal, casual or workwear (remembering that some items could be in all the categories)

communications at work

We looked at the type of language we use in various contexts at work and how that language is different in English.


We had some cake and here is the recipe:

500 g stale bread
600 ml milk or water
150 g sugar
500 g dried fruit
currants, raisins and sultanas
some candied peel and glacé cheries
150 g melted butter
2 eggs beaten


This is a varient on a BBC Good Food recipe you can find here

Homework for 24 February 2015

As several students wanted more time on the homework for last week there was an extension for that and everyone was asked to prepare the first part of Unit 4.