Where do you work?

04 Mar 2015

Describing where you work

People were asked to describe where they worked and where the facilities are in their workplace as well as what they liked / dislike about their workplace.

reviewing data

We reviewed the three companies on page 39 of the textbook and made a chart – often this is a good strategy when you have to make decision is to look at the pros and cons – this can be done on the back of an envelope

Here is our group chart:

company pros cons
Media International – lots of training
– development opportunities for staff
– lots of control
Interchange – healthcare
– good work/life balance
– flexible working
MHB Group Ltd – good for disabilities
– good for integration and training
– seven percent of the staff are registered with disabilities

What did we noticed from this:

We therefore selected Interchange from the information we were presented as our “Employer of the Year”

Homework for 10 March 2015

Read and listen to the Self-Study on page 37 and then compose your own short description of a job you have had. Remember to describe it in the most neutral way possible and we will try and guess whether you liked the job or didn’t next week.