Scotland: St Andrew's Day and Helicopters

03 Dec 2013

St Andrew’s Day
St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and the Scottish flag is a St Andrew’s Cross as legends have it that he was crucified on a cross that shape.

St Andrew’s Day is on 30 November amd has since 2007 been a public holiday in Scotland.

NOTE: The term bank holiday comes from the fact that the laws governing statutory holidays in the United Kingdom are contained in the Banking and Financial Dealings Acts. The last one was the **Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971"". Subsequent holidays have amended that act.

Helicopter crash in Glasgow
On the evening of 29 November 2013 (St Andrew’s Eve) a police helicopter flying over the city centre of Glasgow plunged into a crowded public house on the river side.

The latest news story from the BBC is obtainable here.

An earlier version in a more readable format is available here.


h2. Next week 09 December 2013##
We plan to discuss the Scottish Independence Referendum and what is happening at the moment.

In the autumn of 2014 there will be a referendum to decide if Scotland should remain part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
The campaigns have already started with the Yes campaign being Yes Scotland and the No campaign being Better Together.
For some of the issues being discussed in the debate please consult this document.