last lesson of the semester

14 Jan 2014

looking back at a few stories that we discussed

We looked at some of our previous stories and saw what had happened in some of the cases:

The private life of a Masterpiece

We watched this video:

A documentary about Piero della Francesca and his painting of the fresco of the Ressurrection in Sansepolcro and its subsequent history.

Especially where a book, Along The Road: Notes and essays of a tourist written in 1925 by Aldous Huxley which described the Ressurrection as standing there before us in entire and actual splendour, the greatest picture in the world . This had been read by Tony Clarke of the Royal Horse Artillery and led to him stopping the shelling of the town by the British and saving the picture and the town. This led to a street being named after him in Sansepolcro.

You can read more about Tony Clarke and his life after the Second World War in this article in the BBC online Magazine at the link here