the Sochi Olympics so far

11 Feb 2014


Sochi (or Со́чи in Cyrillic) is a resort on the Black Sea famous for its mild climate. In fact it is famous as one of the few places in Russia where it doesn’t snow in the winter.

It is a spa town and so has many hotels and was even in Soviet times a popular location for holidaying especially amongst the elite. It is sometimes called the “Black Sea Riveria” as the climate is so mild and the like the French Riveria.

It won the bid to host the twenty-second Winter Olympics at a meeting of the International Olympic Committee in Guatemala in July 2007. It outbid Salzburg, Austria and Pyeongchang, South Korea. It is the first time an olympic games have been hosted in the Russian Federation.

It is currently believed to be the most expensive Olympic games in history at 51 billion US Dollars as the previously most expensive were the Beijing games in 2008 cost 44 billion US Dollars to stage.

questions we suggested

and we spent the evening discussing some of these issues.

Some responses for far

Before the Olympics officially started there had been many tweets from foreign journalists about the state of the hotels. You can see the The Washington Post report about that here

The Opening Ceremony was glitchy and glitzy according to some newspapers.

The medals table for the Olympic games can be seen here courtesy of the BBC.