A funny thing happened at Oelde Station

27 Nov 2013

Deutsche Bahn do it again…

As you might be aware there are problems in Essen with the main railway line from Düsseldorf to Hamm because they have found a huge cavern under the railway line by the Essen-West Railway Station. The safety people have therefore decreed that trains should pass no faster than 20 kph over the area where the cavern is situated.

This has an effect on trains arriving at Oelde going to Bielefeld. They are seriously delayed by about 20 minutes or so. Last Tuesday I normally have to wait just over half-an-hour but that evening because the train scheduled to leave at 19:37 too soon for me to catch was delayed for twenty minutes and so I was able to catch it.

Thus I tweeted that “The trains are so late that I will get home early!! (@ Bahnhof Oelde)”