Final CPE lesson

29 Nov 2013

The last CPE lesson of the autumn course

As the lesson on the 28 November 2013 was the last of the Autumn course at the VHS Bielefeld and Stephan, one of the students was taking the exam in Düsseldorf on Saturday 30 November 2013 and Thursday 05 December we focussed on the speaking exam at his request.

Watching an speaking exam video

We watched the following video:

and analysed it bearing in mind the examiners report on the performance of the candidates which can be seen here. Page two explains the basis of the exam and page three the criteria the examiners are looking at when they are examining.

We looked at it as an example of a speaking test – what is expected and the order of events – noting that this is staged speaking exam so the reality might be slightly different.

We also reflected on how we could improving the performances of the candidates, remembering as Viola said that it is easier to comment in the calm of the class room than in the heat of the examination room.

Practising the speaking test components

We practised elements of each part:

  1. The introductory questions and being happy to talk about yourself and your hometown etc.
  2. Talking about a range of pictures – in our case a set of Dürer pictures from a recent exhibition in Frankfurt. Reflecting firstly on the styles of two pictures and then chosing for the exhibition poster.
  3. Talking for two minutes on a random subject initially self-chosen and then chosen by someone else.

Warner’s rules for a successful speaking exam

These are really advice to candidates to help them relax and “enjoy” the examination:

Being relaxed, having warmed up in English and talked with your partner before the exam does improve performance.

Wishing Stephan well in his exam

We wish Stephan well in his exam on Saturday and next Thursday.

Next course

The next CPE course at the VHS Bielefeld will start on 13 February 2014 at 18:15 and I look forward to seeing you there.