What is thinking-outside-the-box.de

It is a website which I hope reflects its owner's experience and personality:


Here are some of my experiences that have helped form me:
  • being taken to the theatre and enjoying Shakespeare on stage but hating it being taught in school
  • studying Quantum Chemistry at Oxford University - though often fellow students would guess that I was studying Philosophy, Politics or Theology
  • becoming a Quaker (a member of the Religious Society of Friends in Britain) and accepting the discipline that involves
  • working with the homeless and unemployed in Oxford after graduating from University - I learnt a great deal about the system and its basic inequalities
  • training to be a mathematics teacher
  • teaching mathematics for ten years withouta textbook using material developed by the group of teachers at the school
  • working in the computer industry
  • moving to Germany via Italy and France
  • observing and living in Germany and observing the differences and quirks of German society in the twenty-first century


I am always cautious of defining personality types as I think to some extent our personalities are defined in relationship to the people around us.but here are some elements that I find are fairly constant in me:
  • quirky
  • inventive
  • thought-provoking
  • intelligent
  • witty
  • and a great learning resource